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Trick Daddy Reinforces Jay-Z Is “Beyonce Of Rap” & Wife Can’t Sing


Trick Daddy doubled down on is controversial comments about Beyoncé and JAY-Z.

Trick Daddy doesn’t think his thoughts on JAY-Z during a Clubhouse panel this week was anything out of line. A clip released where Trick was heard saying he doesn’t believe that Beyoncé can sing and also disrespecting JAY-Z by saying that he’s not the best rapper.

As expected the Beyhive came for Trick Daddy through social media and were demanding him to retract his comments about the “Queen Bey”. This time around their tactics which usually get to people with their comments had no effect as the artist doubled down on his thoughts.

He appeared on his radio show this morning to tell listeners that he meant what he said and that he doesn’t think it was wrong to come at the Carters.

He said that during the same conversation, the panel spoke about ways to make their respective cities and communities better places, but he’s not surprised that the Beyoncé and JAY-Z slander got picked up by the media. “What I said was I don’t think Beyoncé can sing and Beyoncé is to R&B what JAY-Z is to the state of hip-hop in New York at the time when JAY-Z considered himself as the king of hip-hop,” said Trick Daddy. “Which is my opinion. And opinions are like buttholes: without ’em, you’d be full of doodoo.”

He continued to explain himself, telling his fans that he was simply stating his “unpopular opinion.” “That’s my opinion. I’ve said many times on the radio that they’re wonderful businesspeople. Jigga made a lot of money, he got a whole lotta money. But did I say anything disrespectful? No. Did I call them out they names? No, I didn’t,” said Trick. “But before I said that, because a lot of females love Beyoncé, I said she’s the lady Jesus Christ to them, which is not a bad thing. Actually, that’s a compliment ’cause Jesus Christ was a powerful and lovable person. But if you got a problem with speaking your own mind, I apologize.”

Trina, his close affiliate, made an attempt to show that she disagrees with Trick Daddy by showing love to Beyoncé and JAY-Z this morning on social media.