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TRICKED p.1: OCCULT ROOTS OF RAP -The Brotherhood Connection

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The history of hip hop goes back to the early 1970’s with DJ Kool Herc creating the foundation of a new genre which ended up ruling the Billboard charts for decades to come.

However, there is another take on the occult meaning of the business from its inception with founders of the culture such as Afrika Bambaata and more. An interesting podcast series has hit online that touches on another level music.

This week’s Thursday Throwback includes commentary from music insider, Unpluggem, with a new series. Inspired by, and an addendum to, the Dayz of Noah “Tricknology” series, in progress, Monday evenings on his channel. This will be ongoing and is to be seen as a complimentary piece to our current subject of discussion, “hip-hop” and it’s occult connections to a larger agenda.

Check out the video below for the details of his breakdown.