Trina Gets Into Wal-Mart Fight With Racist

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Rapper Trina is known to get aggressive in her rhymes and also physically if need be. She got into it over the weekend with a racist shopper in Walmart over the weekend.

According to reports, Cooper City, Florida Walmart had police arrive at the location because of two shoppers disrupting the store in a heated argument. It would be revealed that one of the ladies was rapper Trina.

Witnesses say Trina accidentally bumped into a woman while she was shopping which caused the other woman and the woman unleashed a racist tirade at the rapper.

During their altercation, the woman allegedly called Trina a “n##ger b##ch.”

Trina challenged the women to call he the N word again.

“Say it again you dirty-ass b##ch! I am a n##ger b##ch? Say it again! I dare you to say it!”