Trina Responds to Jermaine Dupri – Guys Talk Money & Drugs

Jermaine Dupri probably did not expect the backlash from some about his comments towards modern day female rappers. Cardi B made a response in defense and now Trina who many call a pioneer of Miami “stripper rap” for females has taken aback to his comments.

She states how not everyone wants to be a lyricist of the year and be the next Jay Z. Trina believes there are rappers who are just about having fun. Trina also feels that men do not diversify their lyrics either, but Jermaine Dupri didn’t touch on that aspect.

The discussion about morals in the entertainment industry has now taken a front seat as Jemele Hill believes it is okay to have both ends of the spectrum.

Jemele Hill started more debate online with statements that put into question why certain music fans do not support female rappers.

Men rap about getting over on women all the time. Based off the feedback I’ve gotten from many of you who don’t support female rappers, it seems like men want women to be an equivalent of a PBS special. Meanwhile, men can be just as gutter as they choose.

Jemele Hill

The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne responded to Jemele Hill by stating the hypocrisy of not having a moral compass standard for men. He also believes there is no problem listening to vastly different type of hip hop.

Yes if you’re going to have a hip hop moral compass it should work both ways but should hip hop have a moral compass?? Never mind me tho I’m old and love Public Enemy just as much as I love Crime Mob so what do I know……


Jemele Hill echoed his sentiments that she is able to appreciate a good movie with a strong message, but at the same time also be able to take in mindless entertainment.

Same. I don’t know if you can ever look to an entertainment form to have moral compass, even if the roots are steeped in culture, blackness and other serious subjects. It’s like the tv/film. I’m moved by When They See Us. But sometimes, I wanna watch How High and laugh.

Jemele Hill