Trump’s Impeachment Trial Defense To Call Atlanta Civil Rights Leader Julian Bond Posthumously As Witness

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11 ALIVE NEWS reports that Trump’s attorneys are trying to use a legal precedent, in a case involving Julian Bond, to try to exonerate Trump.

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump say that a 1966 Supreme Court ruling for the late Atlanta civil rights leader Julian Bond could help exonerate him.

“I’m very surprised, and they must not have a very good defense,” said Bond’s son, Michael Julian Bond, on Monday. “Because my father’s case, and the case I assume is being presented on behalf of the former president, are very, very different… What I see them doing is grasping at straws. My father’s case is very different.”

The year was 1965, and Julian Bond had just been elected, in Atlanta, to serve in the Georgia House of Representatives. Bond made a statement to the press about opposing the Vietnam War just prior to his seating turned out to be problematic.

“And due to those public statements,” said Emory University School of Law Professor Fred Smith on Monday, “state legislators refused to seat him.”

Members of the state House, led by Georgia House Speaker James “Sloppy” Floyd, accused Bond of encouraging young men to break the law and dodge the draft in order to refuse military service in the Vietnam War, which Bond insisted he had never done.

Bond sued the Georgia House Speaker.

In Bond vs. Floyd, “A federal court ruled in favor of the state House” Prof. Smith said. “And then the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately sided with Bond.”

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