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Truth Finally Out About Tupac & Faith Evans?

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Today marks the day Tupac Shakur was murdered in 1996 and fans worldwide today have been giving tributes to honor the slain rapper. Today also marks the day Biggie Smalls released the hip hop classic album entitled “Ready To Die”.

Today is also #FridayFlashback and appearing online today is an interview with platinum selling songwriter and producer Delray Richardson. He gives a detailed story about why Faith Evans followed Tupac Shakur back to his hotel room the first night she met him at the club.

Delray Richardson also explains why LA Times Reporter Chuck Phillips, recorded Tupac’s interview, and studio session but never mentioned in his October 25th published article title, “I’m not a Gangster”, that Faith Evans was also in the studio recording a song with her husband’s rival. The following video may reveal why Faith Evans may not have been completely truthful in her book about what really happened with her and 2Pac.