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Tupac Estate Fires Steve McQueen & Hires Allen Hughes


Yours truly Venom is here with some #OldSchoolSaturday news. The director of “12 Years A Slave” is no longer the director of an upcoming Tupac Shakur documentary according to Makaveli Media. The estate of Tupac Shakur has replaced Steve McQueen in favor of Allen Hughes to help direct the documentary/movie. 

Fans who know the history of Tupac and Allen Hughes would know the tussle the men had over the direction of the classic 90’s movie “Menace II Society” over Shakur’s character which led to a fight.

Tupac in his own words describes the situation he got into with the brothers in the video above. In recent times, Allen Hughes sat down with Sway to speak about the scenario from his perspective.

Allen Hughes

Tyrin Turner who was one of the actors in the movie gives his viewpoint on what transpired on set with Tupac and the Hughes brothers. Turner says, read for a part in the movie but wasn’t happy with his character. “2Pac came into the reading. We all started rehearsing and in the middle of it 2Pac was like, ‘Man, I can’t get into this character.'” Tyrin Turner also spoke about how 2Pac’s firing from the movie ultimately led to him jumping the directors of the film.

This huge blow up between Pac and the directors from ages ago has some fans feeling the estate is not making a wise move in hiring Allen Hughes. They ponder if the director may hold a grudge while creating the film. Other fans feel this is the right move to make due to Allen Hughes making that fantastic documentary entitled “Defiant Ones” that included the documentation of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and more. 


Then there are fans who believe there should be no more documentaries or films about Tupac due to the plethora of films out there. Many also believe the best film about Shakur was “Resurrection” which his mother Afeni Shakur was behind. The film had the narration of Tupac himself about his life. 

Others feel the best way to capture 2pac would be a Netflix style docuseries of mini series. One thing is for sure and that is the legend of Tupac Shakur continues to captivate the minds of not only music fans, but those in entertainment and film.

This has been another #OldSchoolSaturday article from yours truly Venom exclusively for Worldwide Entertainment TV.