Tupac Estate wins five-year legal battle

Shakur’s estate just settled a five-year ongoing legal battle with Entertainment One, which will pay the estate for royalties that were never paid, according to TMZ. Control of his unpublished material according to the courts now resides with the Tupac Shakur estate. In the lawsuit, Tupac’s estate also demanded that Entertainment One, the aforementioned mass media enterprise, fork over unpaid royalties for posthumous releases they had overseen, somewhere over the seven-figure plateau.

After Afeni died in 2016, the trustees working under her son’s name kept the flame alive, and with great effect. Not only has @2pac won a significant balance of the profits, but every single unreleased recording has been repossessed, and they are believed to be of great value.” 

The last official album that was released by Tupac Shakur himself was I 1996 with Makaveli The 7 Day Theory. With the estate’s new acquisition the possibility of a new album is very real, but will fans accept it if it wasn’t something put together by Tupac, his family, or close co-workers? This has been the issue with some of his posthumous releases that included works that probably Shakur didn’t want out. 

Eminem for instance took some backlash for his production work on the album Better Dayz. 

Worldwide Entertainment TV is the official media for Legacy Garden Park formerly known as the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.