Tupac Got A Standing Ovation Visiting Mike Tyson In Jail


Mike Tyson dominated the world of boxing, but he was also a celebrity who loved the world of hip hop during his historic run. New stories are always coming out concerning Tyson with Tupac Shakur and the latest interview he conducted with Drink Champs had another one. DJ EFN and N.O.R.E. released on Saturday (June 11), Iron Mike discussed his 1992 prison stint, which had the inmates giving the iconic rap star an ovation.

“Once he came into the visiting room — and there was all these hillbilly hicks, mean muthafuckin’ Aryan guys — as soon as he came up everybody started clapping,” Tyson said. “They respected him, soon as he came in the room, they started applauding.”

He previously told the story to DJ Whoo Kid and former NBA hoopers Matt Barnes and Stephen (Stack) Jackson during a recent episode of his Hot Boxing podcast, after the New York DJ pointed out the incredibly rare artwork Tyson has depicting 2Pac’s compelling Makaveli album cover artwork.

“The guards are saying that shit, ‘Hey stop, sit down,’ he was wooh — he was a force,” Tyson told Barnes, Jackson and Whoo Kid of the encounter. “If he loved you it was all love. But if he didn’t like you he looked for beef sometimes. He wanted you to know he was there.”

He continued “Everywhere I go, out in Africa and Europe [People ask], ‘What was 2Pac like? How was 2Pac’ everywhere all over the world.” “This is what he wanted, he wanted to be immortal.”

Mike Tyson actually described how the meeting came into fruition further into his Drink Champs interview, revealing how he had only met the “Hit ‘Em Up” lyricist six months prior to his 1992 imprisonment. He added 2Pac wasn’t the person who reached out and made the initial contact with him prior to the rapper’s visit.

The 55-year-old explained how he received a call: “It’s 2Pac’s mother,” he continued, “She explains how she knows me from her son, explains that I met him at a club [The Hollywood Palladium] one night and that he wants to come and visit me. I said great, OK.”