Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Drake & More Artifacts Are Up For Sale


Hip hop legends who have passed away still can leave a piece of their history with rap fans with a new auction.


Fans have until Friday (March 3), via the website Gotta Have Rock and Roll will be able to have nearly 100 pieces either signed or owned by the biggest icons the business ever seen. You can grab concert tickets, shoes, and even handwritten lyrics from artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Snoop Dogg. The “Hip Hop Legends Auction” also includes autographs from Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and late Florida lo-fi originator, XXXTentacion.

Some unique Eminem clothing items listed for $1,000 such as  his “Free Tony Yayo” ensemble going for a minimum bid of $1,000. The item is from early 2000s when Yayo was doing his jail time.You can also cop a signed copy of Em’s fifth studio album Encore, which is estimated to sell for $2-$4,000 or the pair of Nike Shox he wore while on tour.

Tupac’s Iconic Red Bandana Has A Current Bid Of $1,000

When it comes to our fallen rap legends, Gotta Have Rock and Roll does not disappoint, by far. Fans of Tupac Shakur can place bids on his signature red bandana and gold chains. Eazy-E supporters are currently bidding for a signed copy of his debut album, 1988’s Eazy-Duz-It. Five bids have already been placed for the aforementioned LP, evaluated to sell for up to $1,500. Other notable items from those who’ve passed on include authentic promotional posters from The Notorious B.I.G. They also have well-conditioned magazines from Biggie’s iconic ’90s era. DMX memorabilia can be found as well, with signed copies of It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and the Belly soundtrack up for bid.

Drake fans also have a chance to capture history pieces such as his lyric pages, too. Written in his personal notebook, the auction includes original lyrics to Drake’s diss track “Exposed.” The triple-threat penned the words in red ink as he went on to call former collaborator Voyce. You can also find lyrics to his unreleased track “It’s All Timing,” currently going for $500.