Tupac & O.J. Simpson Daughter Had Relations Says Deathrow Artist

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The 90’s pop culture included the infamous O.J. Simpson trial and east-west coast hip hop rivalry all at the same time.

O.J. Simpson was apart of the “Trial Of The Century” which was bigger than any movie in theaters during the time period. He was up for murder of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson. During the television coverage, viewers got accustom to seeing players in the life of O.J. which included his daughter Arenelle Simpson.

Los Angeles was also the hotbed of hip hop with the west coast being hellbent on proving they were the best in the rap world. Tupac Shakur being involved in a shooting at Quad studios in New York, caused the rap legend to find solace in the west coast which he represented to the fullest with Deathrow Records.

Danny Boy who sang vocals on Tupac singles such as “I Aint Mad At Ya” and “Toss It Up” spoke with The Art Of Dialogue about the time frame of Shakur having relations with O.J. Simpson’s daughter post “Trial Of The Century”. He also talks about Vibe Magazine photoshoot and an incident involving Bobby Brown and JoJo and more.

Check out the interview below.