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Tupac Wrote Changes At 19 Years – The Bob Marley & Marvin Gaye Of Rap

#OldSchoolSaturday - Legends & Icons

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EDI Mean made mention recently in an interview with Vladtv that Tupac wrote the song “Changes” at the age of nineteen. The song was heard around the world during the protests for George Floyd.

During the conversation, the Outlaw also mentioned how Tupac’s writings were similar to all time greats such as Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. Marvin Gaye was known as the “Prince of Motown” for his love songs that made women purchase his music at a rapid pace. His songs would soon also include political ideals due to his brother being apart of the Vietnam War which personally affected his world view.

Bob Marley was an artist of the similar vein who came out the gates with songs for women such as “Stir It Up” with the iconic “Wailers”, but he would eventually become more political when he found his religion of Rastafarianism.

Below we take a visual look back on these revolutionary artists.

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