Tupac’s Brother Mopreme Explains Why Pac Knew He’d Die Young

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


One man can give insight into the late legend Tupac Shakur like none other,  Pac’s older brother, Maurice Harding aka Mopreme, who visited the Morning Show  in the KDAY Studios, with co-hosts Cece and Romeo.

The radio broadcast had different topics that were brought forth. Mopreme discussed some of the greatest memories that only family can share with us. Having produced the 2017 tv mini-series, “Who Killed Tupac?” Mopreme speaks on his involvement with the A&E feature, in which he explains his role as being the best influence he could have been as he worked to make sure the story of his late brother was portrayed accurately.

As Pac’s legacy continues to inspire and impact not only the hip-hop community but the entire globe, Mopreme explains that 2Pac knew he was a legend and always knew his life’s purpose while on earth. Mopreme comments on theories that many believe Pac is still alive today and urges everyone to continue to keep their beliefs open because it means his spirit will remain present. Mopreme goes on to speak on collaborating with the late G Shock, upcoming projects, including 2Pac NFTs, and much more.