Tupac’s Gold M.O.B Ring Is Up For Sale

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


Tupac’s iconic MOB ring is now on sale by Moments In Time brand.

The legend of Tupac grows each year and it seems there is something always getting unearthed from his personal treasure chest. Earlier this week, reports emerged that unseen photos from ‘Pac’s debut album release party are being sold as NFTs. Now another item from ‘Pac’s personal items will be on sale. The years Tupac associated with Death Records included him having a Death Row M.O.B ring. There are pictures and videos floating around where one can see Tupac sporting the ring.

Moments In Time got their hands on the ring and are putting it up for sale for $95K. The ring technically isn’t for auction but rather, being sold at a set price to the first buyer that swoops in. MIT explained that ‘Pac gave the ring to his girlfriend prior to his death before it found its way to a private collector. From there, the collector brought it to Moment In Time in an attempt to finally sell it.

Moments In Time have recently got their hands on tons of hip-hop related memorabilia. Moments In Time previously sold Drake‘s teenage rhyme book, and attempted to auction of Wayne’s. MIT also previously sold the hub cap from the car that Biggie Smalls was shot in.

While $95K is a hefty price tag, a ring worn by the late Tupac Shakur is an excellent piece of memorabilia for any die-hard hip-hop head.