Tupac’s “Juice” Co-star Speaks On Knowing His Alleged Killer

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

juiceTupac’s co-star of “Juice” states knowing Orlando Anderson and compares him to Tupac without the fame during an interview!

The movie “Juice” is known for being the catalyst to break Tupac Shakur into mainstream with his character “Bishop”. His acting has been praised by many including people who worked with him such as Jermaine Hopkins who portrayed “Steele” alongside the iconic rap star.

Hopkins revealed that he knew Orlando Anderson and his uncle Keefe D. He explained that Anderson was like Tupac Shakur, but minus the fame and artistic talent. He also stated that “you not beating him up without any payback”. As been documented over the years, Tupac’s death was believed to be payback from a beatdown he applied to Anderson during the Mike Tyson fight event located in Las Vegas.

Hopkins believes Shakur was an elite actor, but thinks he would have been a greater activist if he had lived longer. He compared the demise of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a young age to Tupac. Hopkins makes the claims of all three men losing their life by gunfire and that sometimes people shouldn’t brush off conspiracy theories when it comes to personalities like Shakur due to them being powerful figures that could move nations.

The actor said someone like Tupac is needed for today’s world and not just for the entertainment he provided millions, but for being a voice for the people. In speaking about big Hollywood actors of today, fellow rapper, Will Smith as discussed in that some feel Shakur would have received his type of success.

Jermaine Hopkins gave an interesting answer that may start other topics about how Hollywood works with politics and agendas. Being an actor himself, Hopkins says Tupac would have got as big as Will Smith only depending if he followed certain avenues that would allow him to reach those levels.


“When you say Will Smith, are we talking about Will Smith as an actor as far as talent wise?” as Hopkins gets interrupted by the interviewer Art of Dialogue clarifying the question in terms of successful career with accolades and Oscar nominations. Hopkins gave a grave response saying, “Pac would have the ability to do it, but would they allow it to happen?” insinuating “Pac wasn’t with certain *&*^”.

He averted the topic stating “I’m a leave it right there” as Hopkins didn’t go into detail about the roadblocks he may have encountered in Hollywood. Hopkins did remind viewers that Will Smith is an awesome and talented actor that even convinced him that he was Muhammad Ali in the “Ali” biopic. Check out the interview below.

Jermaine Hopkins details shooting the movie “Bullet” with Tupac. He explained that Shakur was close to Mickey Rourke during the filming. Called “Big Chop” by Tupac, he states how the movie was a crossover film for his friend,  but they were still doing things as they had done backstage in “Juice”. He also gives his opinion on the people that feels like Tupac joining Death Row Records was his downfall and Suge Knight being a bad influence on Tupac.