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Tupac’s “Until The End Of Time” To Get Vinyl Anniversary Release

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


The posthumous Tupac hip hop album “Until The End Of Time” is quadruple-platinum and it will be getting a vinyl re-release.

The legend of Tupac Shakur only grew by leaps and bounds after his death and luckily for fans the rap star had recorded an insane amount of material which allowed his estate to release multiple posthumous projects.

The hip hop world was able to hear more music even after his classic “Makaveli 7 Day Theory with the release of Eminem-produced Loyal 2 The Game, The Don Killuminati, Better Dayz, and Until The End Of Time.

“Until The End of Time” recently had its twentieth anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, the estate will be delivering four vinyl discs, as well as a four-page LP Folio Book that includes a handwritten tracklist from Tupac, as preserved by the estate. The price for this product is currently listed as $89.98.

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