Twitter Bans US Vaccine Scientist Dr. Robert Malone

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(VIA WION NEWS) When it comes to social media platforms, free speech and the spread of misinformation and fake news are divided, by a thin line. Many fail to understand the difference, and sometimes even the social media platforms themselves have no clue as to what are facts and what are essentially fake news. This is a controversy in which Twitter now seems to be mired.

mRNA vaccine platform inventor Dr. Robert Malone has been silenced by Big Tech for his take on COVID-19 and the doctor argued on “The Ingraham Angle” Monday that it’s just another media miscalculation.

“What the media doesn’t understand is that you can’t suppress information,” he said. “It’ll find a way to be free.”

Social media platforms reacted in panic after Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan, in which he applied a theory from Professor Mattias Desmet suggesting how a large population can be sent into “mass formation psychosis.”

The video was swiftly removed from YouTube, while Malone believes Google search results were also affected.

“It happened so fast, it caught Google with its pants down,” he said. “The whole weekend after Rogan posted it, that was fascinating. I had no idea that Rogan was going to put it up on New Year’s Eve, bless his heart, but it just ripped through the world.”