Tyga Incites LA Protest After “Ay Caramba” Video & Power 106 Interview


Tyga received backlash through some people protesting at Power 106 over his interview about the music video “Ay Caramba.”

Power 106 is the place of a protest in Los Angeles due to fans being upset over a controversial interview with Tyga to discuss the video for “Ay Caramba.” The interview was conducted by American Cholo podcast host Gil Tejada who has used disparaging language to describe Black people. Power 106 has since removed the interview.
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Tariq Nasheed shared details of the protest on his Instagram page, Tuesday. It is being held from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Wednesday.


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“When I dropped the video, I wasn’t in L.A., I was in Europe,” Tyga began. “And then I started seeing a lot of people offended by it and I was kinda confused. That’s why I didn’t respond. I tried to do my research a little bit. I tried to ask a lot of the people that I grew up with that are Mexican.”

He continued: “At the end of the day, I’m not Mexican, so I can’t say what Mexicans are offended by or not. But I know I had no intentions of offending anybody. For one, I want to apologize to the Mexican community and my fans that are Mexican. I have a lot of Latin fans that are Puerto Rican, Dominican, that probably weren’t offended by this video. But my Mexicans fans in L.A., there definitely was some that were offended.”



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