Tyrese’s New Relationship Is Getting STRANGE! States RRG



After announcing in December 2020 that he and his then-wife Samantha Lee Gibson were ending things after three years of marriage, Tyrese jumped into the arms of a new baddie, content creator, and business owner by the name of Zelie Timothy. And from the start, their romance has been kinda strange according to RRG.

The Fast & Furious star is not shy about letting the outside world into his current relationship with social media influencer Zelie Timothy. After going public in March of 2021 fresh off his divorce, Gibson decided to share a video of himself shaving Timothy’s lady parts with the world. Months later, the madly in love couple split with the “Sweet Lady” crooner sharing a video of Timothy in the bathtub, writing, “We had so much potential. We really did. I wish you well, ending on a good note is a good thing….. [ link in the bio ] I will forever love you @zelietimothy cheers to you!!” Now it would appear they are madly in love again with Gibson proclaiming Timothy as the “love of his life.”

In an Instagram post, Gibson decided to share a video of Timothy and himself using the bathroom together while on vacation. The couple can be seen playing footies while the curvy Dominican bombshell does a #1 while Gibson does a #2. In the caption for  the video, Gibson directed his followers to his girlfriend’s YouTube vlog and wrote in the caption:

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