Vanilla Ice Says ’90s the “last generation where pop culture was alive”

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The 90’s pop star goes to bat for his era as the best time period for pop culture before computers took over.


On National Geographic there is a series about the different decades and how history has been shaped by the pop culture of its time. One of the more popular decades was the 1990’s as the media outlet asked the question whether or not it was the last great decade. In the episode, National Geographic chronicles the rise of Vanilla Ice.  A young Robert Van Winkle from Miami Beach becomes one of the first white rappers to top the charts with the single “Ice Ice Baby”.

The decade prior saw the rise of the art of creating music videos to add more layers to songs for fans to listen to. Platforms such as MTV helped to catapult artists such as Michael Jackson into the stratosphere with hit songs turning in classic visuals with Thriller and Billie Jean. However, that era also had its detractors as a group called The Buggles released a song titled “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  It’s message was how powerful visuals were now replacing some artists who did not have the power of the medium to compete financially or creatively due to monstrous productions that were coming forth. Some were wanting the age of radio to return where it was more about the artists music being heard and not seen.

Vanilla Ice now echoes something similar that took over from the music video medium. He believes computers have been the destruction of pop culture. The era of youtube, myspace, soundcloud has created stars such as Soulja Boy who has credited himself as being the first rapper to take advantage of the new mediums through computers to become a star in music.

Vanilla Ice recently sat down with TMZ to give his thoughts on how music has evolved over the last few decades.

“It was the greatest decade ever before computers ruined the world,” Ice said of everyone’s love of the 1990s. “You have to realize that in 2004, the iPhone came out, right? What’s happened in pop culture since 2004 to ’21? Nothing! It’s the lost generation. Pop culture’s dead!”

The rapper called the ’90s the “last generation where pop culture was alive” and mentioned “fashion that actually mimicked the music.” Vanilla Ice doesn’t believe that this generation can “come out with anything cool” and said that LeBron James can’t come close to outselling Michael Jordan‘s Air Jordans even though Jordan hasn’t played ball in decades.