Victims Identified In Sunday’s Killing Spree In Baltimore County

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Baltimore County Police identified the victims in Sunday’s fatal shootings that were all linked to one suspect. A 27-year-old man shot and killed his parents before killing two people at a convenience store outside Baltimore on Sunday, the authorities said.

Police went to a home in the 14000 block of Manor Road in Baldwin around 3:21 p.m. to notify the shooter’s next of kin. But when they arrived, they found the shooter’s parents, 58-year-old Douglas Green and 62-year-old Olivia Green, dead in the garage. They appeared to have been shot.

Police said they believe the shooting spree started at the shooter’s parents home in Baldwin, then he went to the Essex Royal Farms and then to his own apartment.

“The shooter had no criminal contacts with police, investigators said. The firearm was a legally purchased weapon.