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Video of 112 and Jagged Edge in Versuz Battle



112 and Jagged Edge will face-off in the latest #verzuz battle following an amazing clash with Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. 112, Jagged Edge and VERZUZ TV will bring the Memorial Day Weekend to a close with a bang!

Vocalists Daron Jones and Quinnes Parker both took to Instagram to share a message saying that they will not be a part of the Verzuz battle against Jagged Edge.

The identical messages  explain that they will not be participating in the battle due to an “ongoing legal issue” that has yet to be settled. “Q and I never quit 112 nor our fans,” Daron wrote in his Instagram post. “This is a fabricated lie and it is not our narrative.”

The legal issues that they are referring to are the lawsuits that Slim placed on them last year over trademark infringement.

“It breaks my heart to have to engage in a lengthy, costly legal battle against the former members of the group,” Slim told Bossip. “However, countless promoters and agencies have notified us that Q and Daron, and their handlers, keep advertising the ‘112’ Name, despite knowing we own the mark and have humbly asked them to stop using it.”