Vince Carter’s Dunk Most Amazing According to Michael Jordan


jordan carter dunk
In an interview with the Associated Press during All Star Weekend, the legendary NBA star, Michael Jordan revealed his most favorite slam dunk moment. Jordan has provided historic moments during the contest as well when he took on Dominique Wilkins at the 1988 contest where he slightly defeated Dominique Wilkins in Chicago.

“The most amazing dunk I have ever seen is probably Vince Carter when he hung his elbow in the rim,” Jordan said, according to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press. “To me that was, without question, just unbelievable.”

Jordan and Dominique both mentioned LeBron James as the one guy they wish had competed at least once. They believe they wanted to see two stars go head to head as they did back in 1988.

“I’d have loved to have seen LeBron,” Wilkins said.

“What we did in the game and excitement that we created when we did dunk,” Jordan said. “People wanted to see that. Is it the same today? Maybe not.”