Vince Russo, Former Creative, on Vince McMahon’s Sex Scandal



Vince Russo was the head of creative during one of the biggest boom periods in the history of pro wrestling, he gives his take on the recent Mcmahon sex allegations.

The World Wrestling Federation now known as WWE, in the 80s rose to prominence in pop culture, but fell on hard times in the early 90s due to the steroid and sex scandal. Many people thought the the mania behind pro wrestling that was rebranded as sports entertainment under Vince Mcmahon would not see its popularity reach Hulkamania heights ever again.

This all changed when WCW gave the wrestling business a shot in the arm when the former WWF/E greats hit ratings bonanza with Nitro. A wrestling war ensued and eventually Vince Mcmahon was able to bring his company back to prominence by defeating his rival Ted Turner’s wrestling league. Vince Russo would help lead Vince Mcmahon’s new creative along with legendary stars such as The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Eventually, Vince Mcmahon, would once again beat the odds as he done with avoiding prison in the 1990s after the steroid trial. However, this time around, with the company as a publicly traded organization, Vince sees himself in hot water again. Vince Russo is known in wrestling circles for helping to craft some of the biggest feuds of the Attitude Era and he gives his take on the current situation in the video below.