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Vivica Fox & Cuban Link Patch Up Beef


vivica fox

The women of 50 Cent’s past and present have come to a truce over their tit for tat on social media.

It all began with an interview with Vladtv where Vivica Fox proclaimed that 50 Cent was the “love of her life”. Social media outlets posted the clip without showing the complete footage where she also praised Cuban Link who is the current girlfriend of the actor/rapper.

Without much time passing, Cuban Link would leave a comment with a violin emoji and it turned into a viral moment online where fans picked up on the shaderoom post. However, the women ended up going back and forth until what seems today to be a truce.

Vivica Fox played the clip where she made mention of Cuban Link “giving her flowers” and asked everyone to move on from the topic. Cuban Link responded in the comment stating she did not know of the portion of the interview of the praise and it seems all is well between the women.