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VU-ME Streaming Service To Power Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up Reality Series

Worldwide Entertainment TV

Worldwide Entertainment TV announced the new reality series which will document the stories of legends and upcoming artists in the world of entertainment via “Herb Middleton’s From The Ground Up”. The show will include the former Bad Boy producer Herb Middleton’s trials and tribulations. 

The show will be exclusively on Vu-Me which is a social media entity that combines all the technologies that have become in pop culture by having an all in one format to compete with Netflix, Instagram, Soundcloud, and ITUNES. The platform will provide content providers with a bigger cut of the pie(details to come in following weeks) than any other company out there and give more power to creators to benefit from their creations. Worldwide Entertainment TV Network is apart of the new platform signed on as pros (more on this in coming weeks). Herb Middleton is the music director of the platform.

Vu-Me will be the official sponsor of the reality series and will fully support to the series once shooting of the programs have been completed. Now one might ask what is Vu-Me and who is behind it. WWETV gives you the exclusive about the power brokers behind this new social media entity. 

Vu.Me is an all in one, cutting-edge social media platform/ app & web browser that combines the best features of Instagram,  YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Netflix, & Paypal. Since we are also a bank with paypal type features, we are the most secure social media platform in the world. Vu.Me will conduct an expansive promotional campaign that will include large scale, global radio and television advertising, major worldwide events, and across the board international marketing. There are 3 billionaires behind the company: Jordan Zimmerman, 1 of the 3 guys from Dreamworks, and Kirk Wycoff.

As mentioned earlier, Worldwide Entertainment TV has signed on to be one of the early influencers of the platform. Due to its incredible, influencer monetization program, subscribers’ unique ability to monetize too, and other reasons, Vu.Me has already signed thousands of influencers including Arian e Andrew, Wasted Vinez, Safaree, Ryan Lochte, Daniella Baptista , the McClure Twin Family, Amiri King, Yovanna Ventura, Flo Rida, and other YouTube stars and A list celebrities. The main objective is to give content creators/ influencers more freedom and money. 

Here is a sneak peek at Worldwide Entertainment TV on Vu-Me

The Personalities Behind

Jordan M. Zimmermann is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball. He previously played for the Washington Nationals. Zimmermann is a two-time MLB All-Star, and co-led the National League in wins in 2013.

Kirk Wycoff

Mr. Wycoff has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial banking experience.  He served as Chairman, President and CEO of Continental Bank from its inception in 2005 through its sale in 2014. Mr. Wycoff also served on the investment committee of NewSpring Ventures (which he co-founded in 1999) and NewSpring Mezzanine Fund.

Mr. Wycoff was Chairman and CEO of Progress Financial Corp. from July 1991 to April 2004, where he was responsible for building a small local bank into one of the Philadelphia area’s top community banks.  During his more than 12 years with Progress, the bank grew from $280 million in assets and seven offices, to more than $1.2 billion in assets and 21 offices. 

Prior to leading Progress Bank, Mr. Wycoff served as Chairman and CEO of Crusader Savings Bank, a Philadelphia community bank which he transformed into a profitable mortgage lender.  He also held senior level positions with Girard Bank, Philadelphia Savings Fund Society and Reliance Insurance Company.

Mr. Wycoff earned his BA degree in Business Administration from Franklin & Marshall College.  As an active member of the community, Mr. Wycoff serves on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Center in Bridgeport, PA which helps to provide alternative education programs for troubled youth and also helps families with life transitions.

Les Stewart Jr. 
Business Development and Special Projects Manager

Les Stewart, Jr. is a Business Development and Special Projects Manager for Lotus Research. Les’ professional career brings many years of specialty high-end Sales and Marketing experience to the team.

Lotus Research is a global communication and ecommerce company powered by data science and machine learning with a unique focus – to enable A Connected World. By leveraging Lotus’ Vü-Me Platform as a Service (PaaS) and proprietary wearable streaming technology, Lotus provides a subscription as a service (SaaS) for users to monetize their content creation and consumption on the Vü-Me platform and enables businesses and celebrities to effectively manage their personal brand in a direct-to-sales model. Brand engagement content and advertising is streamed to wearable devices, smartphones, smart pads, etc. and personalized for each individual through programmatic advertising, cognitive systems, valence, and machine learning enriching consumer engagement. Vü-Me is the first social engagement and ecommerce video platform supporting real-time engagement and collaboration.