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Wack 100 Got Into Fight Over Racial Slurs


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Wack 100 got into a fight after he was just trying to get some food at Primo Burgers in Lancaster, California on Saturday (December 19). He was in conflict with two men who were throwing racial slurs at him.

According to TMZ, the two men were “burning rubber” behind The Game’s longtime manager in the drive-thru, so he asked them to stop out of fear they’d lose control of their vehicle. But instead of complying with Wack’s request, they allegedly told him, “Mind your fucking business [epithet].” The two men then reportedly got out of the car and approached Wack who quickly hopped out of his.

Video captured of the confrontation shows the two men charging Wack who starts swinging, He manages to connect with the bearded man, knocking him to the ground as the other attempts to hit him. But the fight winds down as people begin to encircle them. One of the men shouts, “Get his plates,” something Wack encourages.