Was Bobby Brown Headed To Tupac’s Makaveli Records?


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Bobby Brown was considered to be the “Bad Boy Of R & B” and although hip hop already had Bad Boy Records, we could have seen Brown either on Makaveli Records or Deathrow East. This scenario is discussed by youtube channel Makaveli Media.

It is quite an interesting scenario due to Tupac and Bobby Brown both being born in the east coast and it seemed that Deathrow Records wanted to duplicate the success of their west coast origins in an east coast based city.

Tupac also was known for helping people who had addictions and had a soft spot for rehabilitation which Bobby Brown needed at the time. Although he was one of the biggest stars of the late 80’s, Brown saw a decline of his career due to getting in trouble with the law and having a drug addiction.

However, there was an underlying issue of Tupac being in relations with the wife of Bobby Brown. Would the two be able to co-exist knowing the history Tupac had with the incomparable Whitney Houston? It is a great discussion point for 1990’s music. Check out the video below.1