#WCW Flashback Yonkers 1st Lady with DMX

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive


On April 13th, 2020, WorldWide Entertainment TV host, Yonkers 1st Lady, met up with the iconic DMX at Fort Lauderdale Beach for one of his shows.

Real name Shonta Burton, the native of Yonkers has been a close friend of DMX since they were in childhood growing up in the same building together. The death of the legendary rapper took her by surprise just as much as any else when the news broke of him being in a “vegetative state”.

Unfortunately, she would end up not seeing the hip hop icon after meeting up with him in Atlanta in 2019 for the One Fest event due to the world pandemic with lockdown and quarantine occurring in 2020.

Today’s #WCW flashback is to the time of April 13th, 2018, in Fort Lauderdale when Yonkers 1st Lady met with DMX for one of his events. Below are pictures with the two and also an announcement from former Bad Boy producer, Herb Middleton, who has produced the tribute single by Ms. Goldi for her friend Earl Simmons.

Check out the clip below.