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“We Need To Talk About Cosby” Doc Drops Trailer

"We Need To Talk About Cosby" Doc Drops Explosive Trailer: "A Lot Of People Knew"


A new documentary by W. Kamau Bell takes a look back at the life and times of Bill Cosby with focus on his fall from grace.

He was known as “America’s Father” because of his portrayal of Dr. Huxtable on Cosby Show. Decades later after that show’s dominance on television, the star was accused of sexual assault, drugging, and rape. It left a nation divided on what to believe after years of Cosby being seen as a person who helped transform television programming.
As some saw Cosby as a predator, others believed it was a planned takedown of an influential and successful Black Man.  Cosby  always maintained he was innocent and the trial was contested that led to his subsequent release. Now, a new documentary, We Need to Talk About Cosby, may remind people of another troublesome film in Surviving R. Kelly.
Bell directly tackles the struggle that many Cosby fans face in reconciling their memories of his career and talents with the accusations that go as far back as the 1970s. Bell explores his own admiration for Cosby while also digging into the man behind the headlines.

The trailer for We Need to Talk About Cosby was shared today (January 20), and in it, a woman said, “Do not edit this. A lot of people knew because you can’t do what he did unless you had other people supporting what you’re doing.”

Watch the two-and-a-half-minute trailer below.