Weeknd Getting Sued Over “StarBoy” Character

Comic book writer Eymun Talasazan is suing The Weeknd for using his character “Starboy.” The Weeknd released the single/album back in 2016 but the writer is claiming that he created his series back in 2014, “that revolved around R&B and rap stars,” reported on Entertainment Tonight Canada. The article also says, “according to the suit, Eymun had convos with The Weeknd’s people in 2017 about folding “Starboy” into his comic book universe.”

Eymun filed a trademark on “Starboy” (a comic book hero) and The Weeknd filed an opposition to it. Eymun is suing for trademark infringement and wants all of The Weeknd’s comic books “recalled, impounded, and destroyed,” TMZ reported.