Wendy Williams Believes Bobby Shmurda Will Be In Jail By Summer

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Fans were happy to see the New York rapper, Bobby Shmurda, got an early release from prison back into society.

He served over six years behind bars and has been able to be drama free since stepping back on the streets. Talk show host, Wendy Williams believes that Shmurda will be back in jail.

Bobby Shmurda’s release has conditions  include no alcohol, no clubs, and no staying out past his curfew. Williams believes a rapper will have a hard time not following due to temptations.

“He’s on parole until 2026 and this young man is only 26-years-old and he’s a rapper and there’s a certain quality of life, or not life, that you lead which led him to jail to begin with,” she said.

“And he was there for six years and he did his reflections and he said, ‘I’m never going back,'” Williams continued. She spoke about Shmurda’s restrictions and unannounced drug testing. “See, here’s what I think, though. Don’t be offended Shmurda, but I think you’ll be in trouble before the middle of the summer comes. I do.”

Check out the clip below.