Wendy Williams Threatened By Blac Chyna’s Mother

tokyo blac chyna

Wendy Williams’ comments towards Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, has made the talk show host a new enemy. Williams told showed a clip to her studio audience after stating “Fans though are outraged over how her mother Tokyo Toni treated Chyna,” of Tokyo cussing out her daughter.

“Along with that she also said something to the effect … you can kill yourself I don’t care. …Toni, take this in the best way because when last we talked you were hugging me and crying and me, you, Chyna we spent all day together and it was great, and all you kept telling me was ‘Wendy, thank you.'”

Well, Toyo got on Instagram Live after catching wind of Williams comments and exposed the gossip queen as a cocaine user (witnessed during their last time together) and threatened to release more damaging info on her.

“Let me check Wendy Williams’ motherfucking ass bitch. Wendy, I’mma tell you this. Don’t mention my motherfucking name again, or I’m gonna talk about your shit,” Tokyo said.

“Wendy is so gone, that when I see her, I’mma knock her face off. When I see you, bitch, I’m gonna get a charge. I’mma bust your ass,” she continued. “You said I cried? When I walked in, you was sniffing coke. ‘Heyyy, ohhh’ Eyes was big. You hugged me because I ain’t no sucker.”