What Happened To Another Bad Creation aka ABC?

WorldWide host Ms. Goldi with Red of ABC.

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another bad creation
WorldWide host Ms. Goldi with Red of ABC.

Fresh off the huge hits of New Edition and BBD, Michael Bivens became one of the hottest producers in the game.Real Reality Gossip does a short video on what happened to his hit group Another Bad Creation in the video below.


Real Reality Gossip takes a look at their career and the money issues that plagued the group. Ironically, Michael Bivens and members of New Edition would reveal their money problems when they came into the limelight on the classic BET biopic. One of the reasons he started Biv 10 Records was due to needing to find another source of revenue with BBD and managing other groups. He worked in conjunction with the iconic Motown.

Chris, Mark, Red, Dave, Ro, and their DJ G.A., better known as Another Bad Creation, were the cutest little things straight out of the southside of Atlanta. With some help from Michael Bivins, Dallas Austin, and Kevin Wales, they went on to sell millions of albums.

As with the trendsetting wear of BBD, ABC would have kids all over North America wearing their clothes inside out with air brush paint. They sold two million copies of their debut album.  Check out the video above to discover what happened to this teen sensation group.