What Types of Bunkers Are The Rich Building? World’s Top Contractor Tells All

CELEBRITY NEWS - Karen Smith Article


Canadian Prepper speaks with Ron Hubbard from Atlas Survival Shelters (the worlds foremost authority in the bunker industry) about what types of bunkers the elite have constructed.

In this video Ron talks about the technical aspects of bunkers, what they can be used for and what they cant. What types of bunkers are the super rich building? What is the difference between a bunker and a fortress? How long will bunkers last? What is the biggest bunker he has built? Why are people scrambling to build bunkers?

Ron Hubbard states his bunkers are also for practical use for hurricanes, tornadoes, home invasions, wildfires and more. The key to the bunkers is that it can instantly turn into a nuclear shelter center at the drop of a hat. In part one of the interview, Hubbard explains how celebrities and elites have constructed bunkers across the world such as Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, and other rich people.

A bunker is suppose to be more secret than a bank account according to Hubbard. Atlas Survival Shelters boast the most air tight bunkers on the planet and is the reason the company is the top selling shelter makers. The design of the bunkers are for possible airborne pandemic, nuclear war, and civil war. Hubbard believes that is the order of chaos if such a thing were to break out on society.

Check out part 2 of the interview below.