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When Should You Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

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No matter your reason for wanting to upgrade your engagement ring, there are several options
available, and most stores provide upgrading services. You can choose to enhance your
engagement ring either by adding additional stones, totally altering the setting, or upgrading to a
bigger center stone.

On the other hand, diamond upgrading is a complicated business with some pitfalls to avoid.
While there isn’t any hard rule for when you should upgrade your ring, there are three
common variables that motivate women to do so. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that
may inspire you to upgrade your engagement ring.

1. When you renew your vows
Renewing vows is a lovely moment to revamp your lover’s engagement ring, especially if it
coincides with a significant anniversary. Vow renewals allow you to remember your undying love
in an opulent or informal setting. Following the exchange of vows, a couple might choose an
enhanced engagement ring to make the event particularly unique and symbolic of new

2. When you no longer fancy the style
Style is always changing, from our own tastes to worldwide trends. Our tastes evolve over time,
and your diamond ring is no exception. One of the most common reasons for changing the
engagement ring is that you have fallen in love with another style or that your existing style does
not fit your lifestyle.

Perhaps you no longer adore your marquise engagement band, or the style of your ring no
longer suits your lifestyle. A delicate ring may no longer be appropriate if you require a ring to
survive all of your adventures, such as trekking, rock climbing, or keeping up with busy

Consider upgrading the engagement ring to a durable bezel setting or selecting a cushion-cut
center diamond with no sharp edges that might chip. For instance, you could upgrade from a 2-
carat radiant cut diamond ring to a 3 carat radiant cut diamond ring. You may prefer something
with more sparkle, or you simply prefer a larger center stone.

3. When you have the resources
Women often upgrade engagement rings when they become more financially secure later in
their marriage. With an imminent wedding and even a house to pay for, many couples do not
have the financial means to purchase their dream engagement ring. Many young couples
choose a less expensive engagement ring to save money and begin their marriage with little to
no debt.

If you’ve been married for five, 10, or 20 years, you’re probably more financially stable and have more spare money than you had in your twenties. With more money, you and your spouse may
purchase a higher quality engagement ring without breaking the bank, making this the ideal
moment to update the engagement ring.

What Happens to Your Original Engagement Ring?
It’s entirely upon yourself what you feel like doing with your old engagement ring. The first
option to explore is trading the engagement ring, including the setting and diamond, and earning
credit towards the purchasing of a newer, higher-quality diamond.
You might keep and then pass it on to your lineage or choose to preserve certain
components like the setting, whilst upgrading the diamond.

One might also melt down the old ring’s metal and use the diamonds from it as accent stones in the new ring. Alternatively, you might transform your original ring to create unique jewelry, including a classical diamond necklace with a pendant. If you truly want to revamp your diamond and are unable to give up on it, diamond experts would be glad to help you repurpose it into a stunning dazzling item that
you’ll cherish forever.

Whether you’re renewing vows, commemorating a significant anniversary, or simply because,
now is the time to enhance your diamond to a more brilliant shape, a larger carat size, or a
higher quality stone. Your upgraded ring can reflect your marriage in the years to come, just as
your initial engagement ring reflected the first stage of your partnership.