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Which Country Took #1 Spot On WorldWide Video Zone 3?

1st Ever Canada vs United States Showdown

(WWETV Network) The first two weeks for WorldWide Video Zone saw the top 2 music videos both being represented from Canada, but things changed this week as Worldstar Hip Hop’s Heat Seekers music video by Toon was entered into the Video Zone. Toon rallied his following who came out to support for his music video by watching and sharing it multiple times. It led Toon to come out very strong in the website’s algorithm (designed by third party company AuroIn Digital Marketing Agency out of New York).

The top trending female artist that started the week was Canada’s Baby Grhyme. The two artists were leading the pack of music videos that were trending and also the new entries (late entry ruling applied) that were added during the week such as Dutchess and Golde London and Roney who came out strong and are added for next week’s countdown. D. Baby Grhyme also rallied her troops and put in a strong effort to compete for the #1 position this week.

The fastest rising music video for the week came out of the United Kingdom with Fredo’s “Netflix and Chill”. The top trending Diva / Vixen of the week was Canada’s Kandy K with “Got It” music video.



Check out this week’s Top 25 Countdown Show for Underground & Rising Artists for WorldWide Video Zone below.


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#WorldWide @video_zone_countdown #3 to #12 For Week of November to November 16th (Week 3) for Underground Artists & Rising Stars – – BY AUROIN DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY ALGORITHM from NEW YORK CITY!! – – 3. @fredo – 4. @getatsity @chineyrun6 @rochedatguy – 5. @kandykmusic – 6. @wiley__ – 7. @heisrema – 8. @juubang & @oorelly__ – 9. @itssnapcapone – 10. @yungtory @yungjizzel @slimeboyty_ @astrokidjay @jaayceewos @kidriz_ – 11. @amaria_bb – 12. @daneo1010 – – Thanks To Everyone Supporting 🇨🇦🇱🇷🌍 #Underground & #rising #talent last week!! – – #WWETV #WorldWideEntertainmentTV #Canada #UnitedStates #UnitedKingdom #music #musicvideos #videozone #videos #hiphop #rap #ukrappers #torontorappers #music #musically #musician #musica #musicvideo #musiclover #musicislife #musicismylife #musiclife #musicianlife #musiclovers #songs

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