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Who Are Toronto’s Top Rappers? Online List

pressa drake

This is Venom and I have received emails about these lists that are popping up online ever since Glasses Malone proclaimed Snoop Dogg as the “Greatest” rapper ever.

A list that consisted of Joe Budden in the top 3 slot caused a riot it seems due to Budden being placed above many rappers who people perceive to be the top ever.

The list above caused outlets such as HOT 97 and VladTV to create their own lists. This led to someone creating a list for R & B singers in the last 30 years that had Drake being ranked over some of the greatest vocalists in history such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Now there are Canadian lists that have popped up online that have interesting viewpoints. As with the lists above with exception to Ebro of Hot 97, don’t actually give the criteria on how they are basing these artists in ranking which I find just odd.

Here are some lists that give their take on who are the top rappers in the 6ix.

toronto rappers

toronto rappers

Yours truly, Venom, from my first article, always stated to keep anonymity due to wanting to give you that raw energy without politics in my articles. I have not given exactly which city I am from or which gender I am and it is for reasons for what I am about to spill. Well, stay tuned as I will be coming up with my lists to counter the ones I see online. Stay tuned in the next week for them as I will try to include more legends for the Canadian lists and also provide criteria for my lists involving the greatest ever in terms of major and underground artists from worldwide.

As for the Canadian lists, you can check out some of those artists at this year’s TDot Fest event.
You can purchase tickets to see these artists live by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, some people just don’t care for these lists or people’s opinion. One such person is an all time great rapper himself. The one and only Snoop Dogg, which all of this online debate probably was rooted in after Glasses Malone interview on Breakfast Club.