Who’s The King Of R & B? Jacquees, Tory Lanez, Chris Brown?

Whi Is The King Of R & B?
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Brooklyn Tea Time

(WWETV Network) Host Brooklyn delves into the topic of Who Is The King Of R & B? The debate has been raging online ever since Jacquees declared himself with the crown for this current generation. Fans and artists have chimed in on the question and Brooklyn delivers the tea about the whole ordeal. Is it Chris Brown? Is it Tory Lanez? Is it Tyrese? Is it Tank? Is it Usher?

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#TalkYoShitBlackTy… Last time speaking on this… If R&B relied on me to keep it on…. The game would of died a long time ago….. Cause I love it TOO MUCH to drop 2 albums a year or even every other year…….. Unlike most of this watered down shit on the radio… I sing from a REAL PLACE… If I ain’t going through shit, I ain’t got nothing to sing about…. I could care less about the young fellas out here singing and getting it done…. I LOVE that this game called R&B is welcoming that new batch, that new generation…. I don’t sing for TEENS… I’m #GROWN… I seen your post @torylanez lol I wanna make sure I’m VERY clear about the backlash @jacquees got…. And trust that energy ain’t about young vs the OG’s it’s about RESPECT!!!!! I drop when I want to…… his words “I’m the KING of this generation” is a reach my nigha… He’s not IN my generation but you’re not the king of YOUR generation that’s the problem…. Chris? Trey? Eric Bellinger? No? The game changed the last time I touched it….. With #TGT’s #ThreeKingsAlbum and #BLACKROSE My single #SHAME was #1 for 16 WEEKS!!! FACTS!!!!! if STREAMING was full throttle I know I would of sold double platinum at least…I respect the culture and the shoulders I stand on that was here long before I got here…… and even with those last stats from 2015 I would never say I’m KING….. So yeah I get it… You’ve gotten more attention from trolling than any song or album you’ve ever dropped but you gotta show some respect….. ..( ps… that idea of the R&B click dropping a single on the same day got a vibe on it )….

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#itsrealsimple #kingofr&b

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P. S. A. @jacquees 🤜🏾🌟🎤🔥

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