Ricky Bell Talks New Edition, Being Ripped Off, & More

VladTV Interview

Ricky Bell of the legendary group New Edition finally has a solo interview where he breaks down his history.

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Ricky Bell was there to see the creation of one of the biggest acts in musical history in New Edition. He sits down with VladTV to speak about how the group began winning talent shows in Boston. The group won every competition they were in, but their very last one they didn’t become victorious. Ricky Bell believes this was design as one of the judges ended up wanting to sign the talented friends.

Bell speaks about opening up for Rick James and how as a teenager he saw a room full of naked women and cocaine parties. He admits all the crazy stories people heard about him aren’t fabrications. Ricky Bell said the group was not apart of the wild adult activities they saw with James.

Ricky Bell tells the story of how they would be touring and their friends all thinking that they were rich. He said that when the tour came to an end they received $1.87 each as payment for their work on the road. This obviously led to their separation from Maurice Starr after that predicament. They would end up getting another deal when they dropped their self titled album New Edition.

They went double platinum, but still made no money. The group had to buy themselves out of the contract, but still had the same deal points that contractually had them committed to albums. They signed away their publishing which as artists years later found out was a huge part of revenue that the music companies would keep from artists.

Ricky Bell speaks about the problems that arose with New Edition and Bobby Brown. Bell states the problems started when Bobby Brown started to take the stage for himself over the others.  It got so bad one time they were wrestling on stage. Bell says the drug abuse of Bobby Brown started around these times. He noticed during studio sessions Brown would be out of it and this helped the group decide that the “King Of Stage” had to go or either the label would disband New Edition all together.

The solo beginnings of Bobby Brown was discussed and Bell admits when Brown starting selling records that New Edition was jealous. He said they saw first hand with fans on tour when he started opening up for New Edition, but at the tail end of the tour he would be the headliner.