Why is Education Important and How Does It Affect Human Rights?




Why is Education Important and How Does It Affect Human Rights?

Most global leaders agree that education is a precondition for every democratic society. Therefore, it must include rights, the subject of peace, and democracy as essential to the development of society. In some countries, violation of rights has led to the necessity of education at every level. It revolves around training and dissemination efforts geared towards building a culture of human rights by developing skills and molding attitudes. Education plays an important role in spreading human rights awareness. When they are respected, individuals will have an easy time achieving their goals and living fulfilling lives.

What are human rights?

These are the fundamental rights that every human being is entitled to. They have formally existed for close to 200 years. Before they were formed, there were no laws that ensured that every human being was treated fairly regardless of their race, gender or age. In short, human rights exist to guarantee every human being decent treatment. Reading these human rights essay examples will help you understand what’s human right. Getting help from an online essay service, reading free essay samples and online samples will help you save time and understand human rights attributes:

  • They are indivisible and interdependent – They are all equal. No right is weightier than another. Violation of a single human right often involves others.
  • They are inalienable – They are entirely unconditional. They don’t have to be earned, bought, or inherited. Plus, they cannot be taken away by any person or institution for whatever reason.
  • They are universal – Every human being has rights. And they have to be respected and protected by every government.

When were they formed?

While they have existed for many decades, they are not that old. After the Second World War, it was seen that human beings were not being treated equally. The murder of a member of the LGBTQ community, the disabled, and the mass genocide of Jews forced world leaders to face what the world was going through. In June 1945, the UN was formed in a bid to achieve international peace and prevent global conflicts. It still exists today with more than 190 members.

After the creation of the UN, member states came together and created the famous human rights list. This was a revolutionary document that was acknowledged by all member states.

Importance of human rights

While they are artificial inventions, human beings have been fighting for equality and freedom for centuries. They are important because they protect minorities in society. Without them, minorities would be subject to the whims of oppressive governments and dictators.

Effects of human rights on the society

Their effects in the world cannot be ignored. The declaration is nearly 74 years old and it continues to be an inspiration to human beings across the world. Since its creation, many other laws have been put in place. They include:

  • Legally binding documents – A lot of treaties have been created in a bid to enforce human rights. They include legally binding documents that give every human being a right to a free trial.

  • More focus on inequality and discrimination – A lot of legal documents have been produced to protect human against racism, gender inequality, and disabilities.

Education and human rights

Education plays an important role in promoting them. When young children go to school, they get to learn not only about their rights but also how to talk about the issues that they are facing. Students learn how to talk about issues in society by:

  • Identifying and acknowledging issues – Discovering issues that you are passionate about or what you are facing is the first step toward finding effective solutions.

  • Choosing an action – You need to think of your strengths and weaknesses. You can find other people who are going through the same issue by holding interviews, conversing with others on social media platforms, or creating a piece of art or music.

  • Coming up with a message – You can fight problems or offer solutions. It’s always better to sell hope than fear.


Education plays an important role in helping individuals know their rights. Without education, millions of people across the world would suffer because they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Its formation by the UN has helped in establishing peace and respect for human lives in the world. As we move into the future, the world is slowly making progress. Soon, every child will get what they are entitled to and live safely and happily. With human rights, we are all protected from oppressive governments and individuals. If any of your rights are being violated, you should consider seeking help from a legal professional.

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