Why Learning the Piano Should Be Your Next Hobby

Why Learning the Piano Should Be Your Next Hobby

Music is a force that gives us meaning and identity. Many of us enjoy listening to music on a daily basis because it’s a cathartic release unlike anything else. If you’re a music lover who’s looking for a hobby that ignites your spirit and challenges your mind, learn more about why playing the piano should be your next hobby.

Ignites the Spirit

If you have never learned how to play a song (or even a note) on an instrument, you are seriously missing out. Often, many people don’t venture further into the world of music than solely listening to a few bands. But there is nothing quite like the feeling of learning your favorite song on an instrument and playing it all the way through.

The first time you press down on those ivory keys, you’ll feel your spirit ignite as beautiful notes emerge from your instrument. With time, you can learn to play a chord, a string of notes, or even a song, and the progress with motivate you to continue.

Great for Making Music

Any songwriter will tell you that there are several reasons why the piano is one of the best instruments for songwriting. The piano is user-friendly, as every note is easy to create without much fuss. When you’re songwriting, you’ll start and stop quite a lot as you make changes, which is why the piano is so helpful in that regard. In contrast, songwriting with a guitar can be a little bit more clunky because you must repeatedly crank your fingers to play a note or sequence you’re tweaking with.

Learn on Your Own

You might think that the piano will be too challenging to learn, but that’s where you’re wrong. The piano is actually quite easy to learn on your own, which is why you should consider making it your next hobby. The notes are much easier to visualize due to the piano’s keys, making it easier to watch where your fingers are as you play. Moreover, you won’t need to break in a piano the way you may need to adjust to a string instrument.

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