Why Michael Jackson Stopped Performing At His Peak?

LEGENDS & ICONS OF MUSIC - Post By Kevin Douglas

michael jackson

Michael Jackson will forever be known as a incredible performer, arguably the best the world has ever seen.

The Detail takes a look back on the time Michael Jackson refused doing live events at the beginning of the 1990’s. As everyone knows, Michael Jackson started performing at a very young age when he was a child. By the time he released Thriller and Bad, Jackson was already a decades long veteran in the business. 

Something happened after his 1989 Bad Tour ended. He started to refuse touring in the United States.  Many theories why this became the case have been speculated over the years, and in the video below, The Detail discuss the most logical reasons behind his US exodus.

Michael Jackson announced that January 27th in 1989 would be his last concert ever. The event was held in Los Angeles and was highly anticipated. The show would be attended by his popular family members. The news came as a shock to many because at the time he was the top show-biz earner according to Forbes with $65 million earned in 1989 after the tour became the largest grossing ever. The tour had also over 4 million rabid fans attending.

He would eventually go on tour across the world however for Dangerous and History. It appears after years of touring in the United States with his brothers and solo, his stock had rose to greater heights around the world. The demand to see Michael Jackson was much stronger abroad. He would only perform live a handful of times in the United States after 1989. The last performance taking place at Madison Square Garden in 2001 with a plethora of celebrities and his brothers.

His treatment by the press and media especially after the allegations in 1993 and his highly scrutinized personal life in the mid to late 90s didn’t help at all. Michael Jackson had his greatest success with the “BAD” tour.  Check out Michael Jackson footage from his last concert of the “BAD” tour below.