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Will Angie Martinez Ever Release Toxic Tupac Interview?

(WWETV Writer Venom) During the trials and tribulations of the life of Tupac Shakur, one cannot say that he was a celebrity to hold his tongue. That is why it is interesting that we have an interview that has never been heard by the public where according to iconic hip hop interviewer, Angie Martinez, Tupac puts the whole east coast rap scene of 1996 on blast.

The interview was conducted at the peak of the Tupac Shakur beef with Biggie Smalls and certain members of the music industry. Angie Martinez currently has a series entitled “Untold Stories Of Hip Hop”, but the biggest untold story includes this infamous interview she claims would be irresponsible for her to drop the interview. As ugly as it is everyone ponders what he said.

Jay Z may have been a hip hop artist that Tupac may have thrown shots at the first ever rap billionaire. According to Martinez, she thanks Jay Z for helping to secure the tapes in a safe place.

I was in a meeting at Roc Nation and we were talking about my archives because I have all my old interviews on tape. They were literally in boxes in my laundry room and Jay said: ‘Get them out of the room now. Somebody help her get them out of that room now because if there is a flood or a fire it will be destroyed.

Angie Martinez

There is a contingent of fans who believe that Angie Martinez is using Tupac Shakur as a marketing ploy for when she has new projects dropping. There is also a section of fans who think that Angie Martinez may be bluffing about this “infamous” interview. Time will tell about the truth of the matter.

This is not the first time Angie Martinez has alluded to this supposedly scathing interview. She made mention of it first with Sway.

Rumors have flown that Tupac Shakur was impatiently waiting for Angie Martinez to release the interview as apart of his “Makaveli” military mind move to wipe out New York.

There has been a portion of the interview floating online for a few years that just touches the surface of what Angie Martinez has explained about their interaction.