Will Smith Reveals Floyd Mayweather Helped Him After Slap

Movies & Television - WWETV Admin Stacy Cummings

The Oscars ceremony was suppose to be Will Smith’s crowing moment, but he ended up getting a tarnished image with one slap.

The actor who once played Muhammad Ali, got vilified for hitting the beloved comedian after he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith. He got an Academy ban from attending the award show for years. Regardless, he is still making movies, including Emancipation which is set to release next year.

Smith recently got to screen the movie at The London Hotel. Interestingly enough, Floyd Mayweather was in attendance, according to TMZ. Smith even addressed Floyd and revealed that the boxer helped him after the slapping incident.

“I want to say something also about Floyd,” Smith began. “So, we’ve met each other, we’ve seen each other around, but we weren’t like, friends. And, the day after the Oscars, for 10 days he called me every day. And, he was like, ‘Ay, you know you the champ, right? You good? You know you the champ, right? I want you to hear my voice say it,’ That was every day he called me … and it’s like, that’s my dude forever right there.”


Smith said he and the boxer had only crossed paths a couple times before the incident but became friends soon after. Smith walked onto the stage and slapped Rock across the face. He then returned to his seat before shouting, “Keep my wife’s name outta your fuckin’ mouth.”