Will Smith Rumors of Affair With Margot Robbie Surface

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The internet was abuzz with the marriage of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith as the Hollywood couple let it all out on Jada’s Red Table Talk about the “entanglement” between Jada and August Alsina.

Well now rumors are surfacing that Will Smith and Robbie Margot may have been in an “entanglement” as well. Robbie and Smith have worked on several films together, starring in 2015’s Focus and 2016’s Suicide Squad. Jada made a public comment about the two working together.

“When Margot got hired for the gig … [Jada] saw that Margot was young and hot and in shape, and she said, ‘Boy don’t embarrass me. Get in shape now,’” Smith told E! News in 2015, with a laugh. “She was like, ‘Do not let that girl smash you onscreen.’”

“We had to shift the paradigm of the relationship–and we did, with our children and with our family,” Smith told E! about his evolving relationship with Jada. “There’s one relationship to have with people, and that’s friendship. So that’s a relationship in which you want what is best for them at all times and you’re willing to suffer for them to have the thing that is in their best interests.”

Robbie, who was 24 years old at the time, said Smith, then 46, “tastes like Christmas.”

“He wasn’t acting like a married man,” an insider told Star magazine at the time. “He gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship… what kind of married man would go into a photo booth with a sexy 23-year-old and start to undress?”

There is no hard facts to actually state undoubtedly this affair actually occurred during Jada’s and Will’s separation, Red Table Talk viewers noted how Smith made a point that both parties were keen to put their past behind them. “You and I were going through a very difficult time,” Jada acknowledged this rough period while Will nodded in agreement. “All marriages have that. And we decided that we were going to separate for a period of time . . . I really felt like at that point in time we could be over.”