Will Smith Shows Fan How to Fake Slap & Old Joke Resurfaces

will smith slap

(VIA INSIDE EDITION) New video has emerged showing Will Smith demonstrating his fake slapping skills. It was taken at a “King Richard” screening in Los Angeles in November after a young fan asked the star how he learned to pantomime hitting someone. And Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock really was the slap heard around the world, as evidenced by the reaction one Ukrainian reporter in particular had to it. TV reporter Vitaly Sediuk was slapped by Smith at a red carpet event in Moscow back in 2012 after he tried to kiss Smith on the cheeks.

Bass player John B. Williams spoke with Rolling Stone about a moment more than 30 years ago with Will Smith making a joke towards him during an episode of The Arsenio Hall Show and cracked a joke about his bald head.

“I didn’t take it seriously. He was a comedian. He was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He was a rapper. I took it as a joke. I laughed it off,” says the musician.

The episode occurred in 1991, but Williams believes the situation with Will Smith and Chris Rock is different from this week’s past Oscar event. He states that he can “sympathize” with Smith.

The Arsenio Hall show was a wildly popular late night talk show that gave a lot of exposure to hip hop stars of the day. It also appealed to the audience by having a live band that was known as  The Posse. The clip started going viral and caught the attention of his grandson who showed him the resurfaced video Monday.

The Oscars trending definitely made the video become a hot topic because Chris Rock getting slapped by the “Fresh Prince Of Belair” star was the talk of the world of entertainment.  The comedian upset the Smiths when he compared Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, to G.I. Jane, a movie character with a buzzcut played by Demi Moore.