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Will Smith Talks About Being Black In America & Playing A Slave In New Movie


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Will Smith has lived the “American Dream” by becoming of the most popular celebrities on the planet through his work in music, television, and movies. He sits down with Angela Rye to speak on what it is like being an African American in the United States.

Will Smith explained that the riots of 2020 took on a new level of awareness that brought awareness worldwide and he believes it was due to everyone being at home watching on various devices because of the quarantine lockdown.

Angela Rye wanted everyone to know that Will Smith may be perceived as a person who doesn’t know what it is like to be black person facing racism because of his celebrity. Smith revealed that he has faced issues with police as a youth in Philadelphia and related to the hurt of seeing the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

The Hollywood star spoke on why he chose to play a slave in a new movie entitled Emancipation. He says he always felt the need to create positive images with movies such as Ali that presented to youth inspirational figures.

He believes the time is now to do a slave movie because there is a lack of knowledge among people on real history of United States especially with kids of today who are of the technology era.

Will Smith also touches on the subject of “Black Lives Matter” and countless deaths of African Americans due to police misconduct.

Check out the interview below.