Will The Culture Cancel Dave Chappelle?

The fallout of Dave Chappelle‘s latest comedy special on Netflix is still have the media pondering on the effects of his jokes on the current landscape of America.

On an episode of the “Daily Blast”, the panel seemed to have differing opinions on the responsibility of comedians and also how fans react to skits by the comedic performers.

One of the hosts belief was that Dave Chappelle missed the mark with his transgender jokes, but another host believes there is hypocrisy going on in the media where people pick and choose what to outrage over. Check out the debate below.

The LGBTQ community has been aggressive in its mission to be seen as equals in society. However, as stated in the video above does that also mean they should also take responsibility in terms of being able to accept others viewpoints on the subject?

Dave Chappelle in the last few weeks has also upset some people who believe he has been racist with certain jokes concerning mass murderers.

The consensus is that some critics have panned the show in general felt was offensive, but plenty of fans have given the show praise. The culture of 2019 is still at the center of the debate with the trending “Cancel Culture”.