Willie D Calls Kanye West Worst Culture Vulture

Kanye West seems to be in the news every other day with some new rant or political saga. The latest headline is Kanye having an anti-fascist song that is unfinished with Talib Kweli. Willie D of the legendary Geto Boys isn’t impressed with the latest developments and is laughing at the fans of Kanye West.

Willie D even went further with an interview with VladTV stating how he believes Kanye West is the worst kind of culture vulture because he’s apart of the culture.

Mofo my mama died you don’t see me cooning.

Willie D

Willie D first came onto the scene in the 1990’s and is widely known as being a forefather of the Atlanta rap scene and delivering reality lyrics with a punch being a former boxer. His group The Geto Boys have some of the greatest songs ever made in the genre and relates to many people to this day in the inner cities of America.

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